How to measure

Over the past few years I have been asked “When’s the new cd coming out?” or “When will you be putting out new stuff?” and I’ve always felt like I needed to put out new material, almost without any thought.

In a time when everything is GO! GO! GO!.. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!.. BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! I cant help but feel (on so many levels, not just artistically) that there is no time to rush. Like any art or sport, good things take time; especially when you want to make significant change to the world around you.

Some musicians/artists are constantly putting out new content (not necessarily good) every month, week, heck! even everyday! Whether for marketing reasons or trying to remain in the public eye, I’ll say it again “Good things take time”. In fact rushing your craft and putting out mediocre is a disservice to not just the calling on your life, but to those close to you...Yes even your social media followers.

It has been 17 years since I picked up the guitar, 9 years since my first EP, 4 years since my last recording and roughly 500 written songs in between. All this and so much more have lead me to my childhood dream of making my first album - AUGUST.

Better to measure 10 times and cut once, than to measure once and cut 10 times.

Be encouraged..

LEAD- Part 1.

Well this is my very first blog!

As a young..ish husband and father of 2 cheeky sons, I have come to learn that "leadership" happens as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, roughly 5am, then 5:10am and again at 5:20am then i kick myself into gear to face the day.

 This is something I never really had growing up, from a father figure to a strong male role model, but have come to learn quite fast the need and importance especially for our sons and of course our daughters to have strong leaders in their lives.

I'll delve into this a bit more later, but for now think about how you lead your life and ask yourself not "What can i do?" but more importantly "What needs to be done?"

Be encouraged.