There’s a big difference between being famous and being unforgettable - the latter seems to fit Mr Lowndes precisely. 

Mark’s indelible impression not only leaves his audience uplifted, but asking questions like, “why haven’t I heard of him?” Or “where can I find his music?”

From sharing the main stage with world renowned Indie artist Michael Franti, to supporting R&B heavy weights Boys to Men and Brian McKnight, this singer/songwriter’s ability to cross genres leaves him in a league of his own.

Th acoustic soul artist believes in using his musical gift for good. His songs are stories of purpose, dreams, and messages of calling and belief, woven intricately together with catchy melodies and hooks.

With a monster band, Mark’s strong stage presence and ridiculously smooth vocals it’s hard not to be inspired… or at least be left standing with a deep yearning to seek higher ground.

Mark Lowndes' new album "AUGUST" leaves no stone unturned featuring his best body of work to date. With vibes of reggae, soul and pop pulsing through every track, intertwined with thought-provoking lyricism; this easy listening masterpiece will have you feeling elevated- which ultimately is the whole purpose of music, isn’t it?